Wednesday, November 22, 2017

#76. Summer Wrap Up Part II: Final Summer Adventures

The last few weeks of summer break were filled with some fun times.  First, we made a second attempt to vsit the Crown Fountain at Millenium Park.  (The fountains weren't in operation on our first outing.)  

Back on the Brown Line...hopefully this time won't be a big bummer!!

It sure wasn't!  Shirts quickly came off and frolicking in the fountains began!

The twins 'danced' in the water,...

...they crawled,...

...and posed for some pretty spectacular photos!

These two had so much fun, they had to change clothes for the L ride back north!

Summer in Chicago always comes with street fairs, farmers markets, and special weekly events.  This year, we checked out the Argyle Night Market in the Uptown neighborhood not far from our townhouse/neighborhood.

Clare & Luke found this mural outside of the market on Broadway fascinating!

Argyle Street in Uptown is sometimes called 'Little Vietnam' these Thai-born twins were feelin' the vibe

Walking the Argyle Night Market (Daddy trailing with camera closely behind!)

Eating some yummy Asian food and finding good photo props

The rain was coming down, but that didn't dampen the twins' spirits

Back at the townhouse, we took advantage of the great summer weather to enjoy our rooftop deck.  You can actually see the skyline in the distance (7-8 miles).

 Both the twins and Trig enjoyed the deck

Papa planted a garden on the deck with chives, basil, tomatoes, peppers, and more.  The twins enjoyed helping water the plants...

...and watching them grow (and sampling the results)!

Two successful tomatoes earn two funny faces 

A lot of fun times were had up on the deck this summer

As we did last year, we took many 'summer strolls' through our neighborhood.  We thought it would be fun to re-create some of last summer's photos to show how much the twins have grown.

That rusty chain is hanging a little lower this year!

There's not as much lamppost to climb for Clare this summer!

Looks like Luke can almost touch this water pipe with his head now!

The summer stroll strides are much longer and faster these days!

One of our final summer city adventures took place when Grandma Steffie came to town.  On a sunny summer day, we hopped on the train downtown and traveled the Chicago River via the Water Taxi.

The train ride never gets old!

Look at all of these tall buildings!

Wow, there's so much to see down on the Chicago River...

...and looking down on it!

We sure had a fun summer with these two in the city!  Looking forward to making more memories in Summer '18!

Saturday, October 28, 2017

#75. Summer Wrap Up Part I: Family Fun!

While having a birthday (#72), taking public transport (#73), and visiting the lake (#74) were a lot of fun, the twins had numerous other summer highlights including fun with friends and family.  

These two love a good summer roadtrip!

As has been tradition, we made trips to the usual spots this past summer...Wisconsin and Eureka.  

In Wisconsin, the twins enjoyed some boating...

...they even got to drive the boat!!  Captain Clare...

...and Skipper Luke safely navigated Whitewater Lake.  Thanks, Uncle Shaun!!

Ice cream was the reward for a successful voyage

Daddy's reward was two smiling twins in this photo in front of the fully grown corn

In Eureka, the twins had the opportunity to visit a lot of familiar family faces.

Grandma Knapp, of course, got her hands on the twins first!

In Eureka, the twins enjoyed hanging out with cousin Keira...

...and Grandpa and Grandma Knapp

We also celebrated Uncle Jason's going away party at the Sportsman's Club...the twins are hoping to visit Germany soon! (even though Papa doesn't look so sure about that at the moment)

At 'the Club', Luke tended the fire while Clare stuck with the swings

At the big family event, there were cousins galore...

and lots of opportunities for family photos (with grandparents and great grandma Knapp)...

...including the whole Knapp & Snyder clan!

Summer time also meant 'cousins' time.  The twins were fortunate to see many of their cousins at various times throughout the summer months.

The twins saw their Bloomington cousins Amelia & Ivy on the way down to Eureka

We drove out to Naperville and spent time with cousins Nick (here with Luke)...

...and Ben (with Clare)

Luke & Clare's cousins Ellie, Keith, and Eve visited Chicago (from the burbs) for a fun sleepover night!

We started in the park on a tire swing built for 4...

...though the girls had more fun when the boys left!

We walked/wagoned all the way to Clark Street, past the famous Andersonville Swedish themed horse... one of the twins' (and cousins') favorite spots for frozen yogurt!!

The final stop was Empirical Brewery, where the cousins played video games while the parents had a brew (or few)!

The twins also enjoyed visits from (Great) Aunt Tricia and Uncle Teats and from Grandma Steffie, and (Great) Auntie Kip.

Shhh...don't tell our dads we jumped on your bed (even Trig jumped in)!!

The twins had a great time with their Great Aunt and Uncle!!

Grandma Steffie came to Chicago for a summer weekend of fun!

Making brownies was the first item of business during her visit

Clare & Luke worked their hardest to impress Grandma!

Even if those brownies were bad, Grandma Steffie would love these two anyway!

Auntie Kip showed up with birthday presents...including fancy new PJs...

...and new books too!!  (What Do People Do All Day? has been read almost every night since!)

PJs & books inspired this impromptu dance party!!

These two sure are loved. We hope they grow to enjoy and appreciate the summer and the opportunities it presents to see the important people in their lives.