Thursday, March 29, 2018

#80. New Digs for a New Year

As many know, last fall we made the big move up to Evanston.  It was a tough decision to leave the city (Chris and I both lived in Chicago over 15 years), but Evanston (the first suburb north of Chicago along Lake Michigan) ended up the best compromise to remain connected to our former city life and establish new residence that will support all of the twins' future interests and needs.  We hadn't planned to make any such move so soon, but right before Labor Day, we found the perfect house and neighborhood and have never looked back!

Yay!! We have a front porch swing!

As exciting as a new house can be, we will definitely miss our old townhouse and neighborhood.  Before heading out, we took one last chance to say goodbye.

The twins took one last lap around the courtyard....

...and sat for one last pose (we are already talking about sneaking back this summer!) on the 'birthday' bench

Then, it was time to say farewell (sealed with a kiss...Luke would often say goodbye to the townhouse this way)...

.... to our townhouse on Winnemac

While it was hard to say goodbye, we quickly said hello to the 'blue house' on Hartzell and began to see the perks of moving into a new house.

Out with the old, in with the BLUE!!

The new house didn't come with a courtyard, but there is a backyard built for two!
For now, the twins will continue to share a bedroom...

...but they are excited to have graduated from cribs into toddler beds

The twins are learning a new home means MORE space... line up cars!!

They are also discovering that some of their favorite hangouts, like 'the bar' in the new kitchen, are similar to our old place...

...and we're already investigating several options to replace the 'birthday bench'...maybe this will become the 'birthday tree'!

One of the best things about the new house is the piano...

...a generous gift from the previous owners that we hope will entertain the twins for many years to come!

It didn't take long for the twins to find all the comfy spots in our new home.

Luke likes lounging on the couch,...

...Clare has found her favorite recliner to rest on,...

...and the living room floor is a great place to set up a slumber party!!

The new house has already seen its share of good times. 

Thanksgiving was the first holiday in our new home

The twins enjoyed showing Grandpa &...

...Grandma Knapp around the new house!
Grandma Steffie popped in for a visit... 

...and gave the twins a lesson in baking cookies!

The twins have also enjoyed visits...

...from various cousins (and the pizza parties held during those visits!)

Trig (age 5!!) had the first family birthday...

...and the twins enjoyed celebrating with her!!

With many more memories...

...and construction projects to come...

...we have a great feeling these two will enjoy growing up in our new home!

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

#79. Holidays Down South

This year, Clare & Luke traveled down 'south' (to the Charlotte area of South Carolina) to celebrate Christmas with Papa's side of the family.

A South Carolina holiday perk...outdoor Christmas Day photos!!

These two love a road trip and playing (jumping!) in hotel beds!

As was the case last year in Kansas celebrating Christmas with Daddy's family, the twins were quite spoiled again!

Heald Family tradition means one gift on Christmas Eve before bed...

...and remote control vehicles it was for both!

That fire truck and race car didn't stay in the packaging too long

After Grandma Steffie read 'Twas the Night Before Christmas'...

...Luke & Clare and their cousins went to bed very happy on Christmas Eve!

Christmas morning was more of the same...

...starting with some sweet stockings delivered by Santa overnight!

There were Legos too...

...and even a trumpet!

Of course, Daddy made sure...

...proper formal photos were taken...

...before the outdoor remote control car fun...


Before we knew it, it was time to head back home to Illinois after another successful holiday trip!

Another fun Christmas with these two in the books!

Monday, January 22, 2018

#78. Fun Fall Part 2: Door County & Halloween

In October, we headed north to Door County for a fun weekend with the twins' Grandma Steffie.  Door County has been a very special place to the twins' Papa's family for many generations.  We were able to share some fun memories with the twins during the weekend getaway, starting with a visit to the 'Yum Yum Tree', a candy and ice cream shoppe in Baileys Harbor.

Actin' like two kids in a candy store!

And yes, both candy and ice cream were consumed!!

Did you know they make gummy frogs?!?

Ok, now for the ice cream!!

On a dreary afternoon, we took a Door County trolley tour.

All aboard!!

We visited a few prime lookouts...

...and the views were fantastic!!

At least these two thought so

Thanks to the trolley bus driver for taking this family photo!

On a more pleasant afternoon, we made our way to the 'Dairy View Corn Maze'.

Of course, we had to stop to ride the tractor first!

These two weren't afraid of the scarecrow...

...but they were fixin' to get lost!

Luckily, Grandma Steffie was there to help keep us on track...

...and take photos while we were lost!

Before heading home, we took some nice photos in front of a special tree outside of a very special place

We were thankful to experience such a fun family weekend in Door County!

Sadly, there won't be any pumpkin patch photos this year.  The twins went back to Goebbert's Pumpkin Patch with their preschool classes, so we decided to take this year off.  Thankfully, their teachers helped us out to maintain the 'how tall this fall' photo opp!

The very first a classic!!

This was last year...

...and this was this fall...breaking the 3 foot mark!

No fall would be complete without Halloween!

Which these two enjoyed immensely this year...could be due to the candy!

Not sure we will will ever be able to top last year's costumes...
...but we tried (perhaps a 180 degree shift from last year) and the twins dressed up as super heroes this year!!

DC and Marvel comic characters unite!!

Daddy had a 'super' time dressing up with these two!

The twins had a great time trick or treating on Clark Street in Andersonville...

...where the achieved goal was to obtain lots of candy!!

Not sure if the kids or the parents were happier with this pit stop at the pub!!

We closed on our new house the day before Halloween so we decided to trick or treat in our new neighborhood (we still aren't sure why Luke required the hat for his outfit?!?)

Not bad for two rookies...they did a great job of ringing doorbells, collecting candy, and saying thanks!

It was another 'super' fun Halloween with these two!