Monday, January 22, 2018

#78. Fun Fall Part 2: Door County & Halloween

In October, we headed north to Door County for a fun weekend with the twins' Grandma Steffie.  Door County has been a very special place to the twins' Papa's family for many generations.  We were able to share some fun memories with the twins during the weekend getaway, starting with a visit to the 'Yum Yum Tree', a candy and ice cream shoppe in Baileys Harbor.

Actin' like two kids in a candy store!

And yes, both candy and ice cream were consumed!!

Did you know they make gummy frogs?!?

Ok, now for the ice cream!!

On a dreary afternoon, we took a Door County trolley tour.

All aboard!!

We visited a few prime lookouts...

...and the views were fantastic!!

At least these two thought so

Thanks to the trolley bus driver for taking this family photo!

On a more pleasant afternoon, we made our way to the 'Dairy View Corn Maze'.

Of course, we had to stop to ride the tractor first!

These two weren't afraid of the scarecrow...

...but they were fixin' to get lost!

Luckily, Grandma Steffie was there to help keep us on track...

...and take photos while we were lost!

Before heading home, we took some nice photos in front of a special tree outside of a very special place

We were thankful to experience such a fun family weekend in Door County!

Sadly, there won't be any pumpkin patch photos this year.  The twins went back to Goebbert's Pumpkin Patch with their preschool classes, so we decided to take this year off.  Thankfully, their teachers helped us out to maintain the 'how tall this fall' photo opp!

The very first a classic!!

This was last year...

...and this was this fall...breaking the 3 foot mark!

No fall would be complete without Halloween!

Which these two enjoyed immensely this year...could be due to the candy!

Not sure we will will ever be able to top last year's costumes...
...but we tried (perhaps a 180 degree shift from last year) and the twins dressed up as super heroes this year!!

DC and Marvel comic characters unite!!

Daddy had a 'super' time dressing up with these two!

The twins had a great time trick or treating on Clark Street in Andersonville...

...where the achieved goal was to obtain lots of candy!!

Not sure if the kids or the parents were happier with this pit stop at the pub!!

We closed on our new house the day before Halloween so we decided to trick or treat in our new neighborhood (we still aren't sure why Luke required the hat for his outfit?!?)

Not bad for two rookies...they did a great job of ringing doorbells, collecting candy, and saying thanks!

It was another 'super' fun Halloween with these two!

Sunday, January 7, 2018

#77. Fun Fall Part 1: School, Camping, & the Park

As many know, we had quite the busy fall!  Little did we know a few months ago that we would be buying, selling, and moving into a new house before Thanksgiving!  Despite the chaos created throughout that process, we managed to have a healthy dose of fun fall moments.  The next couple (to keep them each on the 'shorter' end!) of blog posts will display some of the highlights.

Cheers to a great summer but it's time for some fall fun!!

Before fall officially began, the twins commenced their 15+ years of schooling when they started preschool at St. Matthias Elementary School in Chicago (despite our move, the twins will still attend for the remainder of the school year).

Wait, these two are 'school aged' already?!?

'Looking forward' to a great year!!  (I wasn't there for the first day send off, but I'm dying to know what they were actually thinking in this photo.)  

Of course...both Clare and Luke are already showing signs of being honor students!

In September, we took our annual fall camping trip.  This year, we visited Harrington Beach (and, boy, would we need that beach!) State Park in Wisconsin.

This year, they helped set up the tent!!

In our two attempts at family camping trips this far, we have managed to select weekends where the weather did not cooperate AT ALL!  Last year, it was a rainy weekend...  

...which made us ponder if there would be a 'this year'!

This year was HOT (95 degrees to be exact), making fun at the beach near our campsite... 

...and relief in the water of Lake Michigan helped us survive this year's adventure!

All that summer time at Foster Avenue Beach paid off...Clare & Luke felt right at home on the beach!

Trips to the bathroom (sans diapers) were more interesting this year.

Many ended in failed attempts (don't know many adults who like pit toilets...try being a 3-year old shorty!!)...

...while this guy just decided to do his business in public!

As is usual on our camping trips, there was plenty of food.

Whether it was pb&j...

...or tacos, these two filled up!!

Papa ran a marshmallow roasting clinic...

...and Clare took over from there!

Yummy, yummy...these two novice S'more makers are already hooked!
Despite the warm conditions, family camping trip 2017 was a success!

As the weather started to turn cooler, we made sure to enjoy fall trips to the twins' favorite spot, Winnemac Park.

It won't be long before these trikes will be put away until next year!

The twins are much better at self-transportation (thankfully!) this fall

The years may change, but the park and playground agenda (albeit with larger bodies) remains the same...

...with swings...

...and slides being the most popular activities in the park!

During this visit, we decided to do a re-enactment of last fall's photo shoot.  

So, we trekked down one of the Winnemac Park nature trails... an attempt to recreate last fall's 'look'
Much like last fall, it took quite a few tries,...

...but we eventually achieved a nice fall shot!