Sunday, March 19, 2017

#69. What Winter??

So much for those snow suits and boots we got last fall for the long upcoming winter!

The twins atop 'Mount Ravenswood'...a BIG hill around the corner from our townhouse...wishing there was some snow on the ground

Having taken limited pictures of the twins in the snow back on Dec. 10,

Luckily, we managed to snap this shot of our 2 little snow angels!

it looked like we would be shut out from having a nice group of snow photos from Luke and Clare's 3rd winter. Thankfully, in typical 'Chicago winter' fashion, the snow came back again in mid-March, and the twins had a chance to enjoy the white stuff one more time!

The snow was a lot more fun this year with more tracks through the snow and snowballs...

...compared to last year!

Taking a break from the snow to pose on our courtyard bench

As the last few months have been winter, the majority of twin time was spent indoors.

We'll stand for that!

That's fine by us...

...cause we're even goofier inside!

I could probably write an entire blog post about the day we 'played' Yahtzee.  Teaching 2-year olds a game involving 5 dice was a cross between a drama, comedy, and tragedy!

Don't get the wrong idea...this type of focus didn't last long

This is way more entertaining than the 'dice game' you're failing to explain to us, Dad!

This winter, the twins became more interested in helping cook dinner (this will hopefully pay off someday!).

More like sampling...they even eat chopped onions!

One afternoon Clare and Luke helped bake a batch of chocolate chip cookies.

Luke carefully pours in flour while his sister judges his technique

Favorite part of the process...yummy cookie dough!

Are they done yet?!?

Wow, those look good!

Cheers to our first batch of cookies!

The twins also tried their hand at making pizzas.

Next up is cooking a full course meal!

Outside of the kitchen, Luke & Clare found a variety of ways to enjoy the indoors.

Making music...Papa and Clare on guitar and Luke on keyboard

The band has come a long way since last winter!

Everyone loves Play-doh!

Lots and lots of books...Papa reads 'Wacky Wednesday'...on Wednesday of course!

Lots and lots (and lots) of TV (Peppa Pig, Bubble Guppies, Sesame Street, Super Wings, Cars, Minions, etc.)...

...and the same level of captivation as last year

Making homemade Valentines

Learning how to eat stir fry with chopsticks!

And dancing...

...of course!!

Anytime the temperature allowed, we did our best to leave the house, even if only for a quick trip to the grocery store.

Last year, these two hung out in the cart with the purchases...

...and this year, they were helping to make them (under the supervision of adults over 21, of course)!

Pulling the wagon out and heading over to Clark Street...silly hats and all!

Living next to a train line has it perks..the twins love to go train watching

Clare gives Daddy a break, while Luke enjoys the ride

Practicing a new swing technique for Spring '17

One of the twins' favorite winter excursions was taking the train downtown for lunch.  The twins see many trains pass by through our kitchen window daily and they know Papa goes to work on the train.  So, this proved to be a real treat!

Luckily, we picked a nice sunny day!!

It was so exciting waiting for 'our train'

and even more fun riding it!

Once we got downtown, it was time for lunch at the French Market

The food was great, but the lollipops at the end of lunch were the twins' favorite

Perhaps the highlight of winter was when the twins attended a Valentine's Dance at Chase Park.

They had so much fun...


...and eating heavily iced cupcakes!

Unfortunately, they were too tired to pose for a family photo, but a good time was had by all!

We're looking forward to the spring and more outdoor time with these two!

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