Sunday, May 14, 2017

#70. Hoppy Easter!!

Spring...the season of C-A-N-D-Y!!!
I'll begin this blog post, posted on Mother's Day, with a shout out to my two favorite moms (and Luke and Clare's favorite grandMOMS!!).  We think they are both pretty great, so great that Luke 'Stephan'(ie) and Clare 'Pamela' will always share a name with their grandmothers.  Fortunately, Luke and Clare have seen both of their grandmas already this spring.

Technically, Grandma Steffie came in for a visit a few weeks before spring, but she's coming back again this week!

Grandma Knapp got her hands on the twins when we visited Central Illinois for a family 'spring break' trip

The weather/season has FINALLY changed, and that has been a GREAT thing for the Knapp-Heald family.

What??  You mean being stuck inside with us for months wasn't as fun for you as it was for us?!?

We have tried our best to take full advantage of every nice day we have been given...

...and dusted off the wagon for another year of rides!

Showing off a new swinging technique for the new season

Speaking of swings (Spring '16)...

...these 2 are swinging higher than ever before!!

And slides too...

...this year with a twist!!

We spent part of spring break in Eureka visiting family and friends.

Luke enjoyed visiting his great grandma Knapp!

Grandpa Knapp let the twins run all over the ambulance garage

Vroom! Vroom!  

Grandpa and Clare...out to save some lives!

The highlight of spring so far has been Easter.  

The twins took part in an Easter egg hunt at Chase Park

Happy faces after a happy hunt!

As if the candy wasn't enough, Luke and Clare enjoyed some special treats

Mmmmm, that cupcake was good!
Back home, the twins dyed some eggs, 

Look at that concentration!
and we had an Easter egg hunt of our own on Easter morning!

Clare filled up her basket fast!

No eggs were out of reach for Luke!

Since two egg hunts clearly weren't enough, the twins also participated in a 3rd when we visited family in Naperville.  

More eggs = More Candy!

Clare and Luke had to facetime with Grandma Steffie and Grandpa Dan to tell them all about it!

Since we were in Uncle Paul and Aunt Lisa's backyard, we had to re-enact this classic dumptruck photo from Easter 2 years ago!

Thanks cousins for having us over (also...thanks for the clothes cousin Nick, since someone had a potty accident!)

Holidays are becoming so much fun, but WOW, these two are growing up way too fast!!

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