Thursday, June 22, 2017

#71. Ready for Summer

Summer is FINALLY here!  If the weeks leading up to the start of the year's premiere outdoor season are any indication, the twins are ready for a lot of summer fun!  Here are some highlights from Luke and Clare's last couple of months.

One of our weekly spring walks has been to 'the hill'.  I think I referred to this in a previous post, but 'the hill' is on the other side of the Metra tracks that we can see from our kitchen window.

Take us to the hill, Daddy!!

Just a short walk down Winnemac...

...under the train tracks...

...and a quick climb (they once needed support but now can manage all by themselves) to the top!

The view from the top is breathtaking...and windy!

These sticks will help us make our way back down!

Lookee what I found!

Speaking of hills, one of the spring's biggest events was celebrating Daddy's 'climb over the hill'!  The twins had a great time commemorating the milestone birthday.

I can't count that high....yet!

It takes three pairs of lungs to blow out this many candles!

Yummy, yummy, birthday CAKE!

The best part about dad's birthday was hanging with cousin Keira....including a pizza party...

...and cozy camping out on the kitchen floor!!

Parents of a 40-year old, and loving grandparents of these 3!

Daddy sure hopes to be around at least 40 more hangin' around with these two!!

Spring also marked the time for some important appointments, including Clare's 1st haircut (and Luke's 2nd)...

Clare was so serious in the chair...while Luke looked like he had done this before

Not even Elmo could make Clare to crack a smile!

...and first trip to the dentist!

Luke and Daddy sailed through this appointment...

...while Clare and Papa did the same (nice shades, Clare)!

One nice spring Saturday afternoon we took a family outing to the Lincoln Park Zoo.

Take us to the zoo...the one away from home!

No more pictures...just take us in, dads!!

Whoa!  That giraffe sure is tall!

Better to stay with you Papa!

One fish, two fish, white fish, white fish!

We enjoyed watching them watch...maybe more than they enjoyed watching!

The major zoo highlight...a trip on the tourist trap train, of course!

Nice zoo, pretty park, fun tourist trap train...we will definitely be back again!

Back home, the courtyard has officially opened for spring play.

Queen and King of the courtyard

Yellow-hoodie cupcake picnics are the best!

Springtime means time to play some t-ball!

Daddy...come here and look at...

...all of these ants!  (We admit to being stunned by this long as they are outside!)

And, whether outdoors or in, the twins seem to be having a good time as they approach thr 3-year mark.

We're having a hard time watching them grow up so fast!

Being inside leaves time for reading...

...taking important calls...

...helping Sissy put on her new sandals...

...playing some music (and dancing to it as well)...

...and hanging out and looking so darn cute!

So, bring on the summer...

...Andersonville and out for these two!!!

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